Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic from the FREE “organic, editorial” or “Natural” search results from search engines. Most small to mid-size companies do not understand the value of Search Engine Optimization nor do they have the internal resources needed to continually improve their assets.


Search engines sift through billions of web pages to return immediate results utilizing intricate algorithms that change frequently. Your marketing message will never reach your target audience if it is not optimized properly. We can provide the necessary architecture that is needed to bring your company to the top in organic search.

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To Get Your Site to the Top of the Search Engines

The planning stage is where we define your business goals and gather all the required information needed to proceed with a strategy. We provide keyword research in this phase along with and SEO audit and Competitive Analysis.

In this stage we create a comprehensive SEO strategy that outlines all deliverables and goals. Here we introduce changes to optimize website code and content for all search engines. We determine a backlink strategy as well as a content strategy with short and long term goals.

We adjust all website code and text accordingly to reflect all of the identified targeted keywords. We also adjust and edit all meta information, tags and links.

We provide on-going quality content based on our strategy phase. We utilize any and all partner sites for publishing outreach and include any necessary backlinks to strengthen our position.

We will provide comprehensive reporting on all measurable goals and KPI’s according to the strategy.

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