Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

CRM, customer relationship management, is a software platform that connects sales, marketing, and customer service, including all notes and comments, into one dashboard. You can automate messaging and create sales funnels and drip campaigns to nurture clients while tracking metrics. There are many different CRM platforms available, each having its own set of features.

Many small businesses have suffered through the arduous learning curve associated with every CRM system. They would spend countless hours trying to learn how to set up the platform, only to find out that it did not provide a complete solution to their problem.

Another issue was the cost associated with each platform. While some started free, once you have acquired a certain number of contacts inside the system, the charges would escalate. In addition, some platforms charge more for essential add-on components that are needed to elevate your marketing.

Each of these CRM systems varied from free to very expensive for small businesses. Many of the so-called “Free” platforms are free until you unlock the features you need to run your business. Adding the necessary components required additional funds that escalated the costs beyond what many small businesses could afford.

Some of these platforms were so difficult to set up and learn that they required a dedicated resource internally to maintain the platform. This was the biggest Achilles heel for many small businesses unable to afford a new employee. In addition, if you did not use the platform every day, you would easily forget how to do certain functions.

Until recently, there were no one-size-fits-all CRM software platforms. Some would have only a few components to provide a solution or band-aid to your problem, but none were utterly out-of-the-box solutions. After using most of the CRM systems on the market today, we have developed a CRM system that provides a complete solution to most small to mid-size businesses. We took the top features from each platform and blended them into one easy-to-use platform.

CRM, Customer Relationship Management

SWAT-CRM is a turnkey CRM system that provides all the necessary components to run a small to mid-size business with a minimal learning curve. Our proven system has the following features that are all included:

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CRM, Customer Relationship Management

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