How Building A Website Is Like Building A House

Let’s Compare & Show You How Building a Website Is Like Building a House

If you are not familiar with the website development process, it can be much like the process of building a house.

Building a House, Building a Website: Custom vs. Cookie Cutter

There are entirely custom-built homes, and there are homes built from a plan such as those within a development with, say, five models. 

Custom homes are designed just for you when building a house, down to each detail. Whereas model homes are basically pre-packaged, however, the more amenities you add, the more cost can increase.

The same process applies to building a new website. Customized websites will most likely cost more because they are completely customized to meet each individual’s needs; Whereas, for example, a DIY website will be cheaper; however, without the proper web development knowledge will not get the best results.

Customization for both processes requires an individualized and more extensive effort that begins with custom architectural design plans. Additional creativity and time will be needed since these initial design plans will most likely go back and forth, making edits.

As your custom home will stand out from the rest, so will your website.

The Property To Build Upon

The same applies to your website as you search for the perfect property to build your new custom home.

You must first acquire a domain name when developing a new custom website. This will be the address of your website. You will also need to choose a hosting provider. This will be where your new website will be housed. Hosting providers offer the technical service requirements for a site to be viewed on the internet.

As you want to find the best property to build your new home, you also want to get the best domain name and find the perfect hosting provider to house your domain. These are vital foundations that must be put in place to proceed and achieve the most from your new website. 

The Initial Design Phase

As we mentioned, when you start to build your new custom home, an architect will start by designing and providing you with blueprints.

The same applies to building a new website. Your web developer will do the same. For example, SWAT Marketing Solutions will first discuss your business and the goals of your website. Navigation will be created along with the home page for your review. Changes will be made as per your request, and once the home page design and navigation with services, products, contact info and more are accepted, the inside pages will be built. The web development process will continue as long as needed to end with a completed website with the client’s 100% satisfaction. However, with SWAT, unlike many web development marketing companies, edits can still be made for a certain period of time, even after the site is live. This ensures the customer’s complete satisfaction.

As architectural home plans are essential, so is the website development plan. By hiring a great web developer, you can rest assured your custom site will stand out from your competitors, which is what you want to do. 

High-Quality Construction

Now let us talk about a do-it-yourself website. Like many who do not know the value of a custom site and wonder why do I have to pay several thousand dollars for a custom website when I can just do it myself?

Yes, a DIY can undoubtedly be the cheaper option, but the results will be far less than a custom site, which is due to many reasons. One is choosing a platform that owns your site whereas you do not. To learn more about why your results will be much less, feel free to contact SWAT Marketing Solutions. A representative will be happy to explain all to you.

By hiring a professional web development company, their design expertise, knowledge of the importance of the navigation, emphasis on keywords to implement, and more are vital.

Changes After The Fact

It’s like building a house; once constructed, it can become a hassle and costly to make changes. The same applies to the construction of a website. It is highly recommended to start on the right track. Trying to save money, in the beginning, may not be the best option to choose. A great foundation is crucial for your business to achieve optimal results. 

We would like to recommend SWAT Marketing Solutions to be your web developer of choice. Our professional and highly knowledgeable web developers work with each client individually, as no two websites are ever alike, and no two maintenance plans, edits and updates are either.

Contact SWAT Marketing Solutions to build your website as you would build your house.

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