Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes

Online Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As a business owner, you know how important marketing is for business growth. And since you are reading this blog, you understand the role online marketing plays. Being aware of some online marketing pitfalls will save you time and money. Let’s do this by looking at a small-business scenario:

Pretend you sell garden supplies. You know you need to let potential customers know how you can help them, but you aren’t sure when would be the best time to increase your SEO marketing efforts.

Take a guess. Many people would probably say spring and maybe even summer, but that’s not the correct answer. Spring is close, but the fact is that you should begin your efforts well before the planting season. For example, the winter is winding down, and property owners are getting ready to purchase gardening supplies such as pots, planters, grass seeds, trees, shrubs and more.

SEO is a powerful marketing tool. But a last-minute SEO dash simply will not work. Early planning with the right marketing tools is essential to keep those seasonal sales from slipping by. Instead, you’ve got to think six months ahead. The key to achieving success is to have a professional marketing plan in place. Don’t get caught in a dilemma wondering what to do when the prime selling season is quickly passing by and your efforts have been worthless with no results.

Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes

As missed timing is one of the first online marketing mistakes to avoid. Here are three others.

Social Media Buttons Must Be Linking

Another major pitfall is not having all your social media buttons operational. Not having the channels connected properly to your website can be disastrous. If a potential customer clicks an un-functional button, they might try one more, but they won’t keep coming back. And chances are high that they won’t make an effort to navigate your website independently.

Easy Navigation

Website navigation on top must be simple and easy to navigate. This requires an SEO professional who understands the nuances of how customers will interpret and navigate through your website. A clunky website will drive customers away. Make sure your website is designed to be easy to navigate.

Updated Website

Remember that seasonal opportunities to sell merchandise are often missed when merchants do not freshen web pages with new content. Update the information on your pages regularly. If the first piece of information a potential customer sees is outdated, they are unlikely to continue browsing.

Boring websites that do not attract visitors will not only send potential customers away, but are also an eyesore for Google and other search engines. The search engines index new websites at an incredible rate. Freshness is an essential element in website rankings — so watch your timing!

Avoid These Online Marketing Mistakes by Getting The Right Help

Marketing a business is a huge endeavor. Therefore, choosing the right professional digital marketing company to take you on the right path resulting in optimal results is crucial to avoid bad online marketing mistakes. For example, suppose you have a sale or seasonal business and need to get the word out. In that case, timing, social media buttons, ease of website navigation and an updated website are essential. But there is much more to be done to attract readers and visitors to the site and to turn them into customers.

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