Three psychological-based elements of highly converting landing pages

26590282_SAlong with design, there are several psychological-based elements of highly converting landing pages. If you incorporate these elements, you will help to change the behaviors and attitudes of your online visitors.

Here are three key psychological-based elements you should start paying attention to in regards to your landing pages as soon as possible:

1. The words of happy customers matter
Your product or service may be fantastic, but your audience may not trust your word for it … at least not right away. Adding testimonials and positive reviews of what you’re selling on your landing page will help encourage more people to buy.

2. Try before you buy
According to multiple studies, people tend to research a product online before they purchase. You can help your audience make a decision quicker by providing samples or video demonstrations of your product or service. This will allow them to see and experience what you are selling first and motivate them to purchase it if suits their needs and interests.

3. Urgency and scarcity
Understanding human psychology and predicting the behavior of your audience is crucial to making your landing page a success. If your product or service is available in abundance, chances are you will get not many purchases, if any, at all. Offering your product or service for a limited time or even a discount for only a certain number of days will help motivate people to make decision and purchase quickly.

Each of these psychological traits can make a tremendous difference in making a successful landing page that generates leads and conversions. If your customers are happy, love trying your product or service, and feel urgency and scarcity about the product or service, then you will see more customers willing to purchase. These psychological traits are a natural part of who we all are and leveraging them correctly will bring in far more sales to your company.

If you have any questions about these elements, leave a comment below.