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Web Design

Your website is an integral part of your business and must deliver and exceptional user experience to your customers. We will create your online brand from the ground up using architecture that makes sense.
With mobile devices exceeding desktops for internet usage this year, it imperative that your website is responsive. If your website is not responsive you are losing business because you are not delivering a good user experience to your customers and they will go elsewhere.
We offer custom web applications that are built with user experience and SEO best practices as cornerstones of development. This will assure that your website is delivering what your customers need once they have easily found your business on the web.
If your current site is not responsive there is no need to worry. We can make your existing site responsive. Let us give your site a free evaluation to see where we could increase traffic and revenue to your business. Get started now click here.


Essentials of Website Development:

Ensures your website is designed and built for the best user experience

Planning is where we will determine your Goals, Audience, Content, then incorporate this into a site map. The site map will display all main topics and sub-topics. From there we can create a navigational system that incorporates all of our data. Once our planning phase is complete we can make the final determination of the technology to used to design the project.

This is where we determine your new sites look and feel. Once we have determined your audience and your goals our design team will give you several concepts that will carry your brand message to your audience. Communication is open so there are no surprises at the end.

This is where the engine is built. We will start with the home page then work our way into the rest of the site building the architecture according to the wireframes. If your site requires a CMS (Content Management System) package or an eCommerce shopping cart, that is all developed in this stage.

At this stage your site is tested against all functionality of forms and scripts as well as compatibility issues with different browser viewing. We will ensure your website is optimized for viewing compatibility on all devices. We will complete any and all SEO in this phase as well such as title descriptions, keyword tags and code validations.

There is no build it and they will come scenario. We have to create a strategic marketing plan to tell the world about your site. Yes SEO is an integral component of how the search engines will find your site however, organic search takes time. We need a marketing process that will also connect to any sales funnels we created in the design process. We have to make sure we are capturing information and marketing correctly to your audience.

Once your site goes live it show isn’t over. We have to create a strategy for ongoing new content as well as new products and services to your portfolio. We can build your site so that you can make these changes yourself through CMS (Content Management System).

Are you ready for a new site or a redesign of your existing site? Get started now.

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