Do you really know what “user experience” means?

Web developers talk about the need to have a good “user experience” all the time. Do you really know what user experience means? Do you know what constitutes a good user experience? We’ve compiled a small list of things that contribute to a user’s experience and why they are important.

Responsive Design

Responsive Design is important because of the variety of devices people will be accessing your website on. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and someone tries to access it on their mobile phone, you might have just lost a potential customer. The same thing applies if they are looking at your website on a very large screen and your website is only optimized for a regular-sized screen.


If a customer can’t easily navigate through your website, you’re going to lose them. Make sure that your website navigation is smooth, pages have good names, and people know how to get to what they are looking for.


Make sure everything on your website is useful and relevant. Don’t make your customers search through pages and pages of content in order to find the one thing they are looking for. Pinpoint the top reasons people will visit your website, and make sure the relevant information is readily available.

Customer Service

Be there for your customer. Always give them contact information to reach out to you and, if you have the resources, have a chat section on your website. People will respond positively when they feel like they have been helped and valued.