Definitions of marketing key words

keyword key words seo or metadata concept showing internet data searchAre you new in the marketing world? Have you noticed all the weird language and acronyms being thrown around? We’ve all been there! It’s hard learning a new language and the language of marketing is always changing. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. Below, we’ve defined some of the most common marketing terms.

Black Hat SEO – Sly or aggressive SEO (see below for SEO definition) tactics that try to game search engines by undermining their guidelines.

Boost/Promote – Paying to have content included in the feeds of potential customers who aren’t followers

Brand Storytelling – Using storytelling techniques to define a brand and create emotional connections with customers.

Call to Action – Instruction to provoke an immediate response such as “Click Here” or “Download Now”.

Content Curation – Sifts through online content and handpicks high-quality items of interest to target audience.

Crowdsourced Content – Using a large online community to create content through blog comments, surveys/polls, and social media (think Wikipedia).

List Building – Adding subscribers to an email list.  

Listicle – Article that’s written in list format: “10 Best Listicles of 2015”.

Meta Tags – HTML tags that provide metadata about a web page – a piece of the SEO (see below for SEO definition) puzzle that affects a site’s rank in search results.

PageRank – One of Google’s algorithms for determining a website’s ranking in search results.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) – Ads that target specific customers through sponsored links.

Opt-In – Potential customers must give permission to send them emails.

Opt-Out – Existing customer gets emails due to prior relationship, without needing to give express permission.

Organic Results – Search results that appear because of relevance, not as paid advertisements.

Responsive Web Design – Provides optimal reading and navigation experience across mobile and desktop.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The strategic use of keywords in your website navigation, content, and inbound links to boost search result rankings.

Sharable – Content’s potential to be shared by viewers or go viral.

Thought Leaders – Trusted, go-to experts in their field.