Building a website: It’s in the details.

Man Working on a Responsive Web DesignBuilding a website can sometimes feel like climbing Mount Everest — overwhelming. It’s a big haul with a lot of little nitty-gritty details you need to take care of. It’s those little things that make a huge difference on your website. The big things are important too, but the little things are what is going to build your site’s credibility and help customers trust your brand.

One small detail a lot of people skip over is optimizing your photos or making them too big. Large, unoptimized photos can slow your website causing you to lose potential customers. People want things fast, and they may begin to get frustrated with your site if the load time is longer than 3 seconds.

Another thing to pay attention to is your copy. Is it error free? How many people have looked over it? Is it short and to the point? Is it relevant information that a visitor is going to want to read? These are all extremely important questions you need to ask yourself with every single line of copy on your site.

Forms are another important item to focus on. Take a look at your check out or sign up form. What are you asking customers to do? Would you do this on someone else’s site? People may not sign up or even check a form out if they don’t want to do a step that your site requires. For example, ClickTale doubled their sign-up conversions from 40% to 80% with a simple change of adding an explicit and very visible “optional” label to the phone number input box. These things make a difference!

It can get tiring obsessing over tiny details, but they are important! A list of tiny details on your website can go on forever and yes, it can be overwhelming, but take the time. A detail can be the deciding factor between a conversion or a lost sale. Good luck!