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  • 5 Ways Marketing Automation And SEO

    With the transformation of marketing strategies from billboards and newspapers to online marketing, companies must now focus more on the new online marketing strategies that have risen. In general, companies will now invest in both marketing automation and SEO but will overlook the relation that these two shares. Before, explaining the relation between the two, let me explain what  Marketing automation and SEO are.


    What is marketing automation and SEO?

    Marketing automation basically refers to a software which automates marketing actions, benefiting the employees, and making the marketing process easier. This helps to automate repetitive tasks such as email, social media, and other actions, which will lead to less human error as well.


    SEO, on the other hand, is the strategy by which a website appears on the top of the search engines. Well, written content with specific keywords and the matching of the google algorithm are two things SEO takes into consideration for your website to appear on the first page of the search engine. People tend to open the websites that are on top. Therefore, for driving traffic to your site, a well-built SEO strategy is necessary.


    Are Market Automation and SEO really related?

    Three things are essential to reach a large number of customers and drive in the traffic- Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion. Marketing automation mainly targets the evaluation and without awareness, it is difficult to bring in leads. Here is where SEO enters the picture. Though SEO touches all the three crucial points mentioned above, it mainly targets the awareness part to reach more customers looking for the products and services by searching with the essential keywords.

    Both marketing automation and SEO complement each other and must be used together to get the most benefits.

    Here, let’s focus on the ways these complements each other.


    Better understanding of the customer requirements

    Developing a well-planned SEO strategy focusing on the important keywords and the creation of relevant ads . will generate high marketing campaigns which will convert the audience into customers.


    Shield against harmful inbound links

    Inbound marketing requires links in the content to improve organic search rankings. However, on occasion spam links will end on your site which will cause SEO penalties. Therefore, to avoid such malicious links, market automation will automatically notify you. You will now be able to take action against these spam links.


    ROI Tracking

    ROI tracking allows  you to track the revenue that each keyword produces over a given period  of time. With marketing automation, tracking ROI becomes easy as it tracks each and every lead, allowing you to attach each keyword with a record of prospect. This helps to put an  emphasis  on the keywords, rather than playing the guessing game. In determining the ROI it is important to apply both market automation and SEO.

    Tracking and understanding the visitors

    SEO generates leads and marketing automation handles the evaluation part. To have a better understanding of what visitors are looking for and to determine the important visitors that are increasing your sales, it is again important to apply both market automation and SEO.


    Sales history helps

    To enhance the sales of your products, marketing automation is the best software to use. It keeps a  history of your leads and all keywords searched for. This is extremely beneficial in helping the sales department increase sales.

    It is quite clear that these two compliment each other and since the market is extremely competitive, businesses should not indulge in the experiment game. With proper use of marketing automation and SEO, you can enhance your business. Iff you are looking for a professional service to provide you with the utmost of marketing automation and SEO contact SWAT Marketing Solutions today at: Watch your business rise to new heights.

  • 5 Best SEO Practices You Should Never Ignore

    For many people, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is still a jargon. When we ask our clients, most of them have SEO as their first concern. The term search engine optimization is overly hyped while it can be understood pretty easily. It is obvious that every concept has its advanced areas and some basic areas as well. While we at Swat Marketing Solutions are there to take care of the  advanced areas of SEO, we believe that you should get to know about a few basic seo practices that can help your website gain better rankings.

    1. Content Quality

    There have always been debates over quality vs quantity. Here, let’s talk about quality first. Quality is the most crucial factor that search engine algorithms are defined on. A unique content with vibrant information is always preferred by the search engine bots. Yes, the structuring of your website and navigation matters too but without the quality of the content, the website or blog may not get relevant attention by users as well as search engines.

    1. Quantity

    Quantity is when we post content on a regular basis.  This gives an impression to the search engine that you are live and working for your users. An improper structure, hierarchy in posting the content may give a wrong impression to the search engines even when it is not so. Make sure you create quality posts on a regular basis to keep the users engaged and provide them with new information each time.

    1. Basic Structuring

    Using the right keywords in posts and page url’s is important, as well as adding the proper meta descriptions, titles and post layout. This will make your website searchable and readable for users. Also, make sure that your posts and pages are categorically divided into menus, submenus and widget links. A proper placement of posts make them clear and understandable by users.

    1. Use Profile Info

    Users trust a person more than a brand or logo. It is equally important to understand that popularity of the post contributes a lot to the SEO. Merging both factors together makes it a perfect post for your website. Add a profile picture, a small description and the website link to help your users learn  more about you.

    1. Appearance

    It is a well known fact that website posts that are  bright, charming and eye catchy, will have more success in engaging the user and thereon, your content plays its role. Using high resolution images, videos and infographics will give your post a great structure and make it more appealing. In some instances an infographic image may work out better than the contextual content with the same information. Appearance is not just dependent on the images and visual content but also on the structure such as widgets, html clickable graphics and the overall web design.

    By applying these 5 SEO practices you will be able to set up a good, basic and informative website.

    Reach out to us for proper SEO consulting and services.

  • You already have a great salesperson on staff… you may just not know it!


    Good salespeople are hard to find. They have a certain combination of traits that give them the upper hand when selling your product. If you find someone with these traits, snatch them up and don’t let them get away. Here are some of the characteristics to look for next time you hire a salesperson


    Zen-like focus. They’re focused on one thing and one thing only: selling your product. They live and breath just to make the sale and they will do what it takes.


    Achievement. A good salesperson wants more than just money. They want to be at the top of their game. They want to make more sales than anyone else and they work as hard as they can to achieve this.


    Loyal. They’re loyal to you. They are loyal to the customer. They want to help sell your product, but they also want to make sure customers are satisfied and getting what they want. They will work hard to find the customer the perfect product. They will sit and explain the product details of every product you offer so they can find the perfect match for the customer.


    These traits are important, but does it seem almost impossible to find someone that’s up to snuff and willing to dedicate the time? Chances are good you have something in your arsenal that meets all these criteria and can be the perfect salesperson for your company. Can you guess what it is? It’s your website!


    Your website is working hard with zen-like focus to sale your product. It is in control and should be optimal for selling product. You also can guarantee that it is loyaland won’t be selling anyone else’s product. And finally, since it’s a machine, it can’t take things personally. It will keep trudging along making sale after sale.

  • Do you really know what “user experience” means?

    Web developers talk about the need to have a good “user experience” all the time. Do you really know what user experience means? Do you know what constitutes a good user experience? We’ve compiled a small list of things that contribute to a user’s experience and why they are important.

    Responsive Design

    Responsive Design is important because of the variety of devices people will be accessing your website on. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly and someone tries to access it on their mobile phone, you might have just lost a potential customer. The same thing applies if they are looking at your website on a very large screen and your website is only optimized for a regular-sized screen.


    If a customer can’t easily navigate through your website, you’re going to lose them. Make sure that your website navigation is smooth, pages have good names, and people know how to get to what they are looking for.


    Make sure everything on your website is useful and relevant. Don’t make your customers search through pages and pages of content in order to find the one thing they are looking for. Pinpoint the top reasons people will visit your website, and make sure the relevant information is readily available.

    Customer Service

    Be there for your customer. Always give them contact information to reach out to you and, if you have the resources, have a chat section on your website. People will respond positively when they feel like they have been helped and valued.

  • The life of an SEO expert

    SEO experts are like human thesauruses. They know a thousand different ways a person might search the topics surrounding their company. Can you imagine if SEO experts were like that in everyday situations?


    Imagine being in their head:


    An SEO expert walks into a bar, pub, public house, Irish pub, cantina, speakeasy.


    Then they walk up to you at the counter, bar top, table, slab.


    They think of a thousand ways to engage with you in a friendly hello, greetings, hi, howdy, welcome, bonjour, hey, what’s up.


    They order drinks, beers, sodas, liquor, beverages, alcohol, spirits, thirst quenchers.


    They then begin a conversation, chat, communication, exchange, powwow about sports, athletics, fun, games, exercise, ball, team.


    They are then joined by more friends, companions, buddies, colleagues, acquaintances, who talk about their long day at work, job, task, assignment, career, profession.


    After the night is done the SEO expert takes a taxi, cab, bus, transportation to his house, home, apartment, building, condo, crib.


    Anyway, you get the point! Life might be hard when you are living with a thousand synonyms in your head. Taking that penchant for wordplay and translating it into search engine optimization can be tricky, but it’s definitely a very valuable skill to have!

  • What in the world is a responsive website?

    A responsive website RESPONDS to its environment. Making your website responsive makes it look great at any size and on any device. Whether the user is on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone — the website will work.


    For example, when a user accesses a website on their laptop/desktop, they are getting the full view of the website. But when they visit the site from their smartphone or tablet, the website will retract to fit on the smaller screen.


    “Day by day, the number of devices, platforms, and browsers that need to work with your site grows. Responsive web design represents a fundamental shift in how we’ll build websites for the decade to come.” – Jeffrey Veen


    Responsive website create the ultimate user experience, because it is easy to navigate on a multitude of platforms. It makes content easy to read and navigate with minimum resizing, panning and scrolling.


    And having a responsive website is REALLY important. Why? Because more users are accessing your website on their mobile phone or tablet. It is important for you to be where your users are. Don’t negate user experience, because studies have shown that most users will not return to a website if they were frustrated on the first visit.