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  • Why no one is interacting with your Facebook page

    71692299_MSo, let’s say you have a decent chunk of followers on Facebook, but your posts continue to experience little to no engagement. If you’re wondering why you have hundreds or thousands of followers but only get a couple likes and maybe one comment on each post you publish, then here are three possible reasons for low engagement figures:

    Your Facebook Page and Posts Are Boring

    Sorry to be so harsh right off the bat, but this is a problem that’s fixable. Many Facebook users don’t think twice when liking a page that seems interesting (based on an ad they saw) or that their friends recommended to them. Since many users have hundreds, if not thousands of friends whose posts are already clogging their feeds, the last thing you need is a boring or irrelevant post that will get lost in the masses.

    Worse yet: what if you create a brilliant ad that entices followers to flock to your page …. only to discover a relatively empty page with a dull or low-quality cover photo, minimal information about your brand, few recent posts, and few images? The old adage of “don’t judge a book by its cover” rings true for Facebook advertising as well: you don’t want your ads to be more exciting than your page itself. Otherwise, people may unfollow your page or abandon your page altogether in hopes of finding another brand with more valuable information to offer.

    You’re Limiting Your Advertising Strategy

    A common problem many companies and organizations run into is deciding on an ideal campaign strategy. For new and experienced marketers alike, the option to grow your follower base seems like the best option because who doesn’t want more followers? However, this singular strategy can be pretty limiting when it comes to long-lasting results. It’s easy to click “like” on a sponsored post — it takes someone significantly more effort to scroll through the brand’s page, comment on posts, and share content with their own friends.

    Rather than limiting yourself to paid advertising campaigns that solely emphasize racking up followers, consider adding campaigns that seek to increase engagement among your existing base. In other words, you can create a group of ads that invites followers to respond to thought-provoking questions, share their own experiences, or even tantalizes them with a contest open exclusively to followers of your page.

    You’re Not Engaging with Them

    Why should people comment on your page, like your photos, and share your posts if you don’t give them any incentives to do so? One of the biggest reasons why you might rack up a huge but silent following on Facebook is because you and your marketing team aren’t actively reaching out to those followers once they’ve liked your page.

    Sure, you may put out great content, but that’s not sufficient enough to engage your audience. Unless you’re asking them personally relevant questions, requesting specific feedback about your products/services, and giving them other incentives to like or comment on your posts/page, you won’t be able to increase your follower engagement levels. It certainly requires more time and effort to respond, but the long-term benefits of personalizing your customers’ experiences with your brand on social media will be worth it.

  • Clever ways to reach Gen Z on social media

    50564336_MWhether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, crafting social media posts and other marketing messages for a Generation Z audience can be pretty complicated. As the first generation born and raised during the height of the Internet’s popularity (whereas many Millennials didn’t start regularly using the Internet until middle or high school), Gen Z is truly a puzzle for many marketers.

    If you want to boost authentic engagement with younger audiences on your brand’s social pages, then you can’t afford to ignore these four innovative ways for connecting with the tweens, teens and young adults of Gen Z:

    Learn the Lingo

    Are you living your best life? Yeet! Are your social captions on fleek? Does your product model look like a snack?

    To help you stay woke (aware, informed), learning the latest meme-ified phrases concocted by Gen Z’s Internet sensations is an absolute must for any brand that wants to stay relevant. Of course, you’ll want to actually talk to Gen Z’ers to know what these words/phrases mean to ensure you use them correctly in any branded communications with your audience. Why? Because nothing is more sus (shady or questionable) to teens and young adults than brands trying too hard to market to them without actually understanding what the lingo means.


    If learning the Gen Z lingo is too complicated or just does not make sense, no matter how many times you consult Urban Dictionary, then you could always hire a teenage influencer to speak to your audience in a language they’ll understand. Teen-fluencers, as they’re informally called, are teenagers between the ages of 12-17 who get paid $5 to $20 per post (on average) by brands that want to reach younger demographics without the usual advertising approach (paid ads or contracts with influencers).

    Teen-fluencers aren’t old enough to get “real” jobs yet, so they’re eager to find opportunities to partner with brands and hawk their products to their 1,000 to 6,000+ followers in exchange for per-post payments via PayPal or Venmo.

    Voting on Insta Stories

    Even if you’re regularly posting new content to your brand’s Instagram account, this might not be enough to engage your Gen Z audience. This younger generation represents one of the biggest demographics of short story users on social media (Instagram and SnapChat mostly — Facebook isn’t too popular among Gen Z). This means that you must be posting content to your Insta Story on a near-daily basis to keep followers engaged beyond their overcrowded Instagram feeds.

    But you can’t just post random photos or marketing messages to your Story — one popular way to get Gen Z’ers actively clicking on your content is through voting. All you need to do is post a photo with a question (you get 2 options for answers) and let your followers vote away! It’s a great way to not only get your followers to interact with your brand but also a way to gain valuable insight into their consumer habits, likes/dislikes, and more.

    Meme Creation Contests

    Many brands try — and fail — to cater to Millennials and Gen Z’ers by incorporating viral Internet memes into their social media marketing campaigns. Rather than running the risk of using a meme incorrectly, you can host a user-generated content contest emphasizing memes instead. This allows your audience members to signal what memes are popular among their age demographics and encourage them to interact with your brand on social media by incentivizing them with a contest. It’s a win-win for everyone!