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  • 3 strategies for conquering writer’s block and rejuvenating your approach to content marketing

    frustrated entrepreneur After many months/years of blogging about the same general industry, products and/or services, you may find yourself running out of new ideas for your blog. This happens to countless bloggers — individuals and companies alike — so you’re definitely not alone if you’ve been feeling burned out and not too creative lately.

    However, consistent posting is absolutely essential for a successful content marketing strategy, so how can you come up with new ideas and keep producing outstanding content if you’ve written about everything under the sun? Here are some ideas for overcoming writer’s block and rejuvenating your blog content to continue your content marketing campaign’s success:

    Repurpose Old Content

    If you have any audio content (old interviews, podcasts, etc.) that hasn’t been published in text format yet, now’s the best time to get started! The same logic applies for videos (even if they have captions, some people just don’t like watching videos) or blog posts you haven’t converted into audio/video formats yet. You might even consider creating infographics with statistics and research from an old (but not out of date) blog post, or updating blog posts from two or three years ago with new research, new links and new commentary.

    Bring in Guest Bloggers

    If you’re burned out, maybe it’s best to take a brief break from blogging and let someone else take the reins for a while. Bringing in multiple guest bloggers offers many benefits: new and interesting perspectives your audience might not have been exposed to before, free high-quality content (usually in exchange for a link back to their website or blog), and time for you to rest and refocus without sacrificing your blog’s posting schedule. (You could drive away audience members if you’re not consistent).

    Snoop on Your Competitors

    Disclaimer: We’re not arguing in favor of plagiarism (which not only looks bad for search algorithms but also for audience members reading your blog). Instead of blatantly copying your competitors (which again, you should never do), you can find out what topics are popular on their blogs by browsing their comment sections and assessing their engagement rates on social media (especially “share” rates).

    Even if you’re always on top of industry news, there may be opportunities for evergreen content that you’re overlooking. To keep your blog content fresh, interesting and informative, perform your own outside research and try to include more useful advice or insightful commentary that was missing from your competitors’ blog posts.

  • On a budget? You can still incorporate video into your marketing mix

    ?????????????????Did you know that 88 percent of businesses consider video a vital part of the online marketing strategy? And, with high quality 4K video being simple and cheap to produce with either a smartphone or DSLR camera, there’s no reason for you to be a part of the 12 percent! Here are three tips for DIYing engaging videos that’ll win you customers without wiping out your funds.

    Take viewers behind the scenes. Success online is as much about authenticity as anything else. People want to see the real you. What better way to give them a glimpse of that than by sharing behind-the-scenes video? And it doesn’t have to be fancy. Use your smartphone to record preparations for an event or your employees volunteering for a charity. This kind of video bridges the distance between your brand and your customer by helping you connect with your audience on a personal level.

    Make sure your audio is good. All that authenticity will be wasted if your audio is bad. People may be tired of slick marketing materials, but they want to be able to hear what’s being said. Unpolished shouldn’t equate to unintelligible. Listen for pops, hisses or echoes in your video. Project your voice and think about investing in a USB microphone. Blue Microphone’s Yeti and Snowball models are two good options that aren’t overly expensive. Audacity is a free editing software that has an easy-to-use tutorial. Making so-so audio superb doesn’t take much, but the payoff is huge.

    Master your message. Always keep in mind that your video isn’t about you. It’s about your client. Put yourself in your customers’ shoes and think about what they’d like to see, hear and learn about your company. Deliver value and make it personal.

    Creating great video content isn’t as simple as just hitting ‘record’. But it doesn’t have to be overly time consuming or expensive. Even on a budget, you can produce an engaging video that builds your brand and converts viewers to clients.