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  • Easy social media for 2017

    14636553_MAs a small business, you’ve got a lot on your plate at the start of a new year. There are new advertising campaigns to launch, new budgets to write, new employee programs to disseminate and more. Social media is a part of your overall marketing initiatives, and you probably don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to it at the start of the year.

    That’s why we’re sharing tips to make your social media a little easier in the early months of 2017.

    First, you don’t need to be everywhere at once. There’s no need to sign up for every social channel that’s out there. The more platforms you’re on, the more you have to manage. Start with one or two and draft a plan for those. By limiting the number of channels, you’ll be able to develop a genuine following without spending an inordinate amount of time.

    Now that you’re established on a couple of social media channels, make it easy for people to follow you. Put social icons on your website. Add your social profile links to your email signature. List your social information on your marketing materials.

    Finally, calendarize your social updates. Success on social requires consistency, so put those updates on your calendar to avoid long lapses between posts. Fresh content gives customers and potential clients confidence in your business.

    These tips will help you build a solid social foundation for 2017. Implement these simple strategies at the beginning of the year, and you’ll be ready to take your social marketing to the next level during the rest of the year.

  • 5 Ways Marketing Automation And SEO

    With the transformation of marketing strategies from billboards and newspapers to online marketing, companies must now focus more on the new online marketing strategies that have risen. In general, companies will now invest in both marketing automation and SEO but will overlook the relation that these two shares. Before, explaining the relation between the two, let me explain what  Marketing automation and SEO are.


    What is marketing automation and SEO?

    Marketing automation basically refers to a software which automates marketing actions, benefiting the employees, and making the marketing process easier. This helps to automate repetitive tasks such as email, social media, and other actions, which will lead to less human error as well.


    SEO, on the other hand, is the strategy by which a website appears on the top of the search engines. Well, written content with specific keywords and the matching of the google algorithm are two things SEO takes into consideration for your website to appear on the first page of the search engine. People tend to open the websites that are on top. Therefore, for driving traffic to your site, a well-built SEO strategy is necessary.


    Are Market Automation and SEO really related?

    Three things are essential to reach a large number of customers and drive in the traffic- Awareness, Evaluation, Conversion. Marketing automation mainly targets the evaluation and without awareness, it is difficult to bring in leads. Here is where SEO enters the picture. Though SEO touches all the three crucial points mentioned above, it mainly targets the awareness part to reach more customers looking for the products and services by searching with the essential keywords.

    Both marketing automation and SEO complement each other and must be used together to get the most benefits.

    Here, let’s focus on the ways these complements each other.


    Better understanding of the customer requirements

    Developing a well-planned SEO strategy focusing on the important keywords and the creation of relevant ads . will generate high marketing campaigns which will convert the audience into customers.


    Shield against harmful inbound links

    Inbound marketing requires links in the content to improve organic search rankings. However, on occasion spam links will end on your site which will cause SEO penalties. Therefore, to avoid such malicious links, market automation will automatically notify you. You will now be able to take action against these spam links.


    ROI Tracking

    ROI tracking allows  you to track the revenue that each keyword produces over a given period  of time. With marketing automation, tracking ROI becomes easy as it tracks each and every lead, allowing you to attach each keyword with a record of prospect. This helps to put an  emphasis  on the keywords, rather than playing the guessing game. In determining the ROI it is important to apply both market automation and SEO.

    Tracking and understanding the visitors

    SEO generates leads and marketing automation handles the evaluation part. To have a better understanding of what visitors are looking for and to determine the important visitors that are increasing your sales, it is again important to apply both market automation and SEO.


    Sales history helps

    To enhance the sales of your products, marketing automation is the best software to use. It keeps a  history of your leads and all keywords searched for. This is extremely beneficial in helping the sales department increase sales.

    It is quite clear that these two compliment each other and since the market is extremely competitive, businesses should not indulge in the experiment game. With proper use of marketing automation and SEO, you can enhance your business. Iff you are looking for a professional service to provide you with the utmost of marketing automation and SEO contact SWAT Marketing Solutions today at: Watch your business rise to new heights.

  • Good social media is professional social media

    34824618_MLosing respect — and potential customers — is frighteningly easy online. Sadly, unprofessional content and pages are all too common on social media.

    Imagine showing up to an interview only half dressed. How inappropriate and unprofessional that would be. The same thing goes for incomplete profiles. They look very unprofessional. It appears as if the company doesn’t care enough to take the time to complete the form. It also reflects badly on the brand because if you can’t complete something as simple as a social media profile, what else don’t you have the time to do — like maybe customer service?

    Another reason to complete your profile is because if you don’t complete your page, you could leave out vital information for your customers. This could range from your hours of operation to current special offers. If this isn’t completed, visitors could become frustrated from the lack of information. This lack of information will also decrease the likelihood of the page being optimized for search engines.

    Now that your profile is complete, it’s time to take a closer look at your content. Unprofessional content can be a deal breaker for potential customers. Problems can range from inappropriate language or pictures to simply having the wrong type of content on the page. One of the ways to avoid this is by having a professional, trained social media manger handle the accounts. They know what content is right for the demographic and what is appropriate for the page.

    Having an unprofessional social media page could break a company. To be successful you need to make sure that the messages coming from your company are always reflecting it in a good light. SWAT Marketing Solutions can help you maintain your professional image online.