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  • So which social media platform is best for your company?

    Social network icons over vintage background illustrationMost businesses see the importance of social media but don’t have the time or the resources to conquer them all. Here’s a little cheat sheet:


    Everyone should be on Facebook, no matter what field of business you’re in. It has the most widespread demographic of any social media platform, which makes it the best place to increase your brand awareness. In addition, Facebook ad targeting allows you to attract your audience with more than just demographics.

    The only real downside of Facebook is that younger generations have become more leery of it, thanks to the increase in use from older generations. Using Facebook to target younger demographics can work, but there are other platforms that may be more suitable for reaching that specific audience.


    Users are more likely to follow brands on Twitter than on any other platform. This is because Twitter provides the most up-to-date and current information. If your brand is constantly posting new updates and information, this is the platform for you.

    Another benefit of Twitter is relationship building. Users are more likely to interact and tweet at brands. Just make sure you’re tweeting back! This will go a long way when it comes to building a loyal customer base.

    Unfortunately, Twitter has yet to attract the majority of the US adult population. While the number of users is sure to continue increasing, it can be hard reaching as many potential customers as you’d like. Another downside is that individuals tend to follow brands only to get exclusive deals or to participate in contests.


    If you have a very visual business, it should be on Instagram. The dominant demographic is between the ages of 18 and 29, so if this is your target market it’s a great place to be.

    One downside? You need to consider the time it takes to make your photos stand out. You can’t have bad quality photos, and if you rush into Instagram posting (without putting in the time) you can cause unintentional damage.


    Pinterest’s users are mostly female, which makes it a prime place to be if women are your target audience. It also has a high percentage of users with a high income. Looking for customers that will buy your product? Pinterest is the place to be. Another fun fact: the majority of users are on Pinterest for inspiration on what to buy.

    Unfortunately, Pinterest has a very unpredictable algorithm. Sometimes something you post will get tons of engagement, and other times it won’t get any at all. If you have an awesome product, idea or concept, chances are good that you’ll benefit from using this platform.

    If you have questions or need some help with your social media, SWAT Marketing Solutions would love to help.

  • 5 Best SEO Practices You Should Never Ignore

    For many people, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is still a jargon. When we ask our clients, most of them have SEO as their first concern. The term search engine optimization is overly hyped while it can be understood pretty easily. It is obvious that every concept has its advanced areas and some basic areas as well. While we at Swat Marketing Solutions are there to take care of the  advanced areas of SEO, we believe that you should get to know about a few basic seo practices that can help your website gain better rankings.

    1. Content Quality

    There have always been debates over quality vs quantity. Here, let’s talk about quality first. Quality is the most crucial factor that search engine algorithms are defined on. A unique content with vibrant information is always preferred by the search engine bots. Yes, the structuring of your website and navigation matters too but without the quality of the content, the website or blog may not get relevant attention by users as well as search engines.

    1. Quantity

    Quantity is when we post content on a regular basis.  This gives an impression to the search engine that you are live and working for your users. An improper structure, hierarchy in posting the content may give a wrong impression to the search engines even when it is not so. Make sure you create quality posts on a regular basis to keep the users engaged and provide them with new information each time.

    1. Basic Structuring

    Using the right keywords in posts and page url’s is important, as well as adding the proper meta descriptions, titles and post layout. This will make your website searchable and readable for users. Also, make sure that your posts and pages are categorically divided into menus, submenus and widget links. A proper placement of posts make them clear and understandable by users.

    1. Use Profile Info

    Users trust a person more than a brand or logo. It is equally important to understand that popularity of the post contributes a lot to the SEO. Merging both factors together makes it a perfect post for your website. Add a profile picture, a small description and the website link to help your users learn  more about you.

    1. Appearance

    It is a well known fact that website posts that are  bright, charming and eye catchy, will have more success in engaging the user and thereon, your content plays its role. Using high resolution images, videos and infographics will give your post a great structure and make it more appealing. In some instances an infographic image may work out better than the contextual content with the same information. Appearance is not just dependent on the images and visual content but also on the structure such as widgets, html clickable graphics and the overall web design.

    By applying these 5 SEO practices you will be able to set up a good, basic and informative website.

    Reach out to us for proper SEO consulting and services.

  • The importance of WHERE in social media marketing

    Thumbtack on a map symbol of travel destinationMarketing has come a long way. Instead of trying to be the loudest in the room and making sure you’re screeching like a carnival barker, sending one message to the whole world, you can be where your target audience is and customize your message for that location. Isn’t geo-targeting wonderful?

    In case you don’t know what geo-targeting is let me explain! Geo-targeting is an Internet marketing tool that helps you target a specific audience or demographic based on their location. Wonderful!

    Say you are a new business and are trying to get a social media following. You can target your post to reach people close to you in the community. Another way geo-targeting is helpful is if you have multiple audiences on one social site. You can target certain messages to just go to a segment of your followers.

    It’s important to know where your audiences are on social media so you can target the post to that audience, but it is also going to be increasingly important as wearable tech becomes more popular — enter the Apple Watch.

    Your consumers are going to be even easier to locate and target if they have a location device right on their wrist! While this may sound creepy as a consumer, it is a goldmine for marketers!

    Including geo-targeting in your social media plan is crucial. Not only is it very important to know where your customers are, but once you know the location of your demographic, you can send the right messages to the right people. In doing so, you are able to maximize the full potential of your marketing.