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  • How to write effective online content that will hook visitors

    42706894_S (2)Providing the right kind of content for your online visitors is a daunting task. Many businesses fail to capture the interest of their target audience and lose the opportunity to generate leads and conversions in the process.

    You’ll want to engage your visitors and the only way to do that is by knowing their needs, wants and problems and then creating content that compels them to action. Performing research through a survey can help accomplish this task.

    Once you have a better understanding of your target audience, you can then focus on the kind of content you’ll need to use to pique the interest of your readers and keep them on your site. You can do that by doing the following:

    Examine the topics your readers already love

    Out of all of the sites available in the world for your viewers to see, why would they need to visit yours? They will need a good reason to do so and you can find what that is by closely monitoring the engagement of your target audience online. If you have any competitors that appeal to your target audience, take a look at their website and social media accounts. Ask yourself: What kind of content is my target audience already interacting with on a daily basis?

    You’ll also want to monitor key influencers in your field and why your audience is attracted to what they have to offer. This will provide valuable insight and will help you become an influencer as well.

    Decide on the content you want to produce
    Once you have a deep understanding of your target audience and the content they like, you will need to act fast and start the content production process. First, you’ll need to decide on the kind of content that will gain the attention of your audience. You have two options: timely or timeless content. Timely content typically consists of breaking news and issues that last for only about a day or a few days. Timeless content will continue to be valuable for months and years to come and can reap more benefits in regards to SEO in the long run. Decide whether you want to have one or a blend of both, then start producing content.

    Allocate the necessary resources to make your content stand out
    Effective online content typically has a blend of written and visual content. Make your landing pages and articles stand out with high-quality visuals and videos along with plenty of written content. Make sure you have the right tools and applications to produce your content and that you have an adequate budget to cover any expenses. You may also need to hire freelancers or additional staff, whether part-time or full-time, to create the content you need.

    Incorporate your brand throughout your content
    Studies show that people will be far more engaged with your content if it is uniquely yours. The best way to do this is by incorporating a consistent brand throughout your content. Include your company logo wherever possible in visual content and use the colors of your brand as well. This will help to create a brand identity that people will instantly recognize.

    Overall, creating effective content is all about understanding your target audience and providing the content they want to see. If you can accomplish that task, you will set yourself apart from the competition and be the business everyone wants to interact with daily. Now that is definitely a place every company wants to be in!

  • Here’s why you should think before you post.

    44722157_SWith only 140 characters or a couple lines of text, getting a social media post perfect is important. It can be tempting to throw something together and forget about it. Sadly, this tends to be too many people’s social media strategy, and it’s not a very good one. Those two lines of text are extremely important and can make or break a company. Here are some questions you should ask yourself before you click post.

    Has someone else read over it? When you’ve read two lines of text over and over, you’re bound to miss something. Typos are not a good thing. You lose a lot of credibility when you have the wrong there, their or they’re.

    Are you the only one who thinks this is funny? A bad joke gone wrong can cause a lot of heartache. While humor is good, use it wisely. What is funny to you may not be funny to everyone else.

    Does it have a photo? With a few exceptions, your post should always contain a photo. Even on Twitter, photos help increase engagement and are more likely to be looked at. Images draw people in. It’s going to be what catches their eye and what makes them look at your post.

    Ultimately, the one question you should always ask is how the post will impact your or your business’s image. Does it add value? Does it align with the company? What are you really trying to say? All-in-all, make sure you think before you post!