3 SEO terms small business owners need to know

By now we all know that SEO has proven itself to be a highly effective tool for growing small business. With knowledge of SEO basics you can easily improve the rank of your website, resulting in more customers. Wether you’re mildly experienced with SEO, or new to search engine marketing all together, these 3 terms are great to know and understand:

9356167_S1. Keywords

As you may have already guessed,a ¬†keyword is a word or phrase that the user enters into a search engine’s search box. Using keywords on your site that are frequently used on search engines will help your site rank better for those terms.

Check out the Google Adwords Keyword Tool to learn which keywords you should be using for your site.


SERP is short for Search Engine Page Results. This is what appears when you enter a query into a search engine. Your business should use SEO tactics to increase the rank of your web page on SERPs. While each search engine houses it’s own unique algorithm for determining what order links appear on the page, certain strategies can help you improve your ranking across all search engines.¬†These strategies include using keywords and phrases, title tags, and producing quality content.

3. SEO + Quality Content

SEO involves much more than just keywords and phrases on a page. The content of the web pages also affects rankings, and search engine algorithms consistently take quality content into account. If company isn’t posting content, you should be. If your company is already posting content, make sure it is the best that your organization can possibly produce.