Texting & Mobile Marketing

Mobile phones are becoming more prevalent than ever before and technology advancements push them to the forefront of communication. We understand the mobile landscape and the importance it has on a comprehensive marketing strategy. Over 90% of all messages are read or opened within minutes on a mobile device.


Consumers are more willing to opt into a message on their mobile device than they are to receive yet another email in their inbox. No matter what industry you are in we can create a mobile campaign that will deliver beyond your expectations. Here are just a few examples:


1. Restaurants –
a. Fill empty tables on nights you are normally slow
b. Create a loyalty program where you reward your regular customers at the click of a button.
c. Offer special mobile coupons only to new customers.
2. Gyms & Health Clubs
a. Fill up classes on days where you are slow.
b. Send referral coupons to increase membership
c. Fill your gym or health club on slow days
3. Salons
a. Offer specials on slow days to fill your book.
b. Offer mobile coupons to your regulars to share with friends
c. Create a loyalty program that rewards at intervals
d. No more missed appointments with reminders right to their mobile device.
4. Auto Dealerships
a. No more missed service appointments.
b. Offer service specials on slow days.
c. Offer a loyalty program for referrals.