Paid Search (PPC)

Paid search or (PPC) Pay Per Click is an excellent tool if you are looking to target a specific audience with your products or services and get exposure quickly. This type of search does require a budget however, you can manage and monitor your spend on a daily basis if you choose. Businesses utilize this form of search when they need quick results.

When engaging in a paid search strategy you must consider the following items;

1. Create and informative and engaging landing page by answering the “who what, where, when and why questions instantly when someone lands there. If there is a registration process make this as easy as possible for them to complete the form.
2. Emphasize ad copy to stress an immediate call to action, example; Register Today! Call Now! Only 3 Days Left to Save!
3. Geo-target your audience form previous user data as a bench mark then target outside of the area if your data determines you will have results.


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